Super Fans

 Rip and Tami Lynn
Were in business fer emselves
They bought a trailer in a park
And worked like Santa’s elves
Rip would head out to the shed
And there he’d work the saw
While Tami stayed inside instead
And watched a soap opera
While everyday was good enough
Sunday was the best
The seventh day fer football
No, not the day of rest
And Rip would make the picket fence
To bring to all the games
While Tami painted foam fingers
Her favorite home team’s name
And Rip would yell,“de-fense!”
While Tami screamed, “Let’s Go!”
They both would start the wave
And hope and pray that it would grow
But at the end of every game
They both would leave in tears
Their team would lose every time
It’d been that way fer years
And Rip would drink all the beer
And Tami ate the hot dogs.

sometime in 2009

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