Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige gonna pitch us passed em
Satchel Paige gonna give us nine
Twenty-seven’s only half a nothing
Satchel, Satchel Paige, gonna take his time

Satchel Paige gonna pitch the lights out
Satchel Paige ain’t gonna blink an eye
Put zeros up on the painted scoreboard
Satchel, Satchel Paige, gonna fan the side

Satchel Paige gonna leave em hanging
Satchel Paige gonna make em late
Three and two is all he has to give you
And Satchel, Satchel Paige, is passed the plate

Satchel Paige always plays in grey
Satchel Paige be a visitor until his grave
Pass it right by the wind
Keep it high and inside or slow and sink it low
As Satchel, Satchel Paige, flies right by

Satchel Paige gonna make it happen
Satchel Paige like a snapshot caught in rewind
From the barrel, out the gun in the moonlight
Satchel, Satchel Paige, gonna leave you blind

Satchel Paige won’t age a dime
Satchel Paige never turn to look behind
Forty seven’s for the birds
Satchel, Satchel Paige, is for the times.