Dancing Up the Mountain Digital Collectible Collection

🎶 Each digital collectible👇 includes audio and lyricollage- available on Opensea. Created with my own contract 🎶

May Your Stones Always Roll- Digital Collectible with Lyricollage
We’re Just Not Cut Out for This Town- Digital Collectible with Lyricollage
Boy, You’ve Got Something in Your Head- Digital Collectible with Lyricollage
Sleeping for Dreaming- Digital Collectible with Lyricollage

Fun times on the Dan Cable Presents Podcast! We talk about my newest release as the Traditionist That is Not How It Happened and other cool stuff. Listen below! 👇 👀

Check out the new interview for The Astronaut’s Whale with Mom’s Choice Awards! 👇


Stream the new album That Is Not How It Happened on all major platforms! Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc. 

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“Betsy Heavens” the new single from my forthcoming record That Is Not How It Happened is streaming NOW! Check out the premiere from American Songwriter. Thanks for listening! 🙏❤️

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.51.17 AM

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New East of the Moon EP release from Fiction Non Fiction! Give it a whirl…

Check out this video from Fiction Non Fiction. I had a blast making this with my friends

Stream the new Sun Up EP release from Fiction Non Fiction! Click HERE.

And other fun musical stuff I’ve released as The Traditionist in the last year or so: