I Know My Ocean

I know my ocean
And I know when the time is right
And I know what it feels like
When every night is the same
Every night feels the same

I know my taste
And I know a heartache
And I know a nice place to get it started again
Get it started again

And I’m back in time with you again

I know to keep my word
And tightly tie my tongue
And I know how to run from and hide from and learn from and love someone

I know a promise
I know how to take my time
And I know how to recreate a moment without faking that I’m fine just for you
Fine just for you

And I’m back in time with you

I know a certain look
And I know what to say to it
And know you’re faking it in the look you shoot back, there’s no mistaking it

I know a wake up call
And I know to escape it
Yeah and I know how to get to places on roads never taken nor known to go anywhere
Never known to go anywhere

And I’m back in time with you there
Yeah, I’m back in time with you there.

recorded and released on Season to Season (The Traditionist)