A Sleep Be Told

 Capture nothing more than faith in your heart
Tear down nothing more than who you are
Free from any mold that may corner us cold
Gather nothing more than a whim

Silence nothing more than a restless crying child
On the street nothing more to escape
Speak not, nothing more of blood blowing in the past
Unless to learn: “To each their own” and from children and your own mistakes

Feed on nothing more down in your local pigeon hole
Tie down to nothing more but your roots
Serve the cause creation like it’s a useless point moot
Stare at nothing more and marvel with your eyes closed

Reach for nothing less than what is still left more to gain
Toast to nothing more than your breath
Follow nothing more than just one trail left behind
Be certain that your instincts do their best

Know that nothing less than love can let you down
Hope for nothing more than a train
Listen to nothing less than what a friend has left in store
And the simple steps they take when it rains

Show pain when nothing more than your thoughts that make a sound
Back down to nothing less when I’m around
Sentence nothing less to your memory than your dreams
Roll over when your eardrums ring and scream

Pass for nothing less than the skin right off your back
Look back at nothing less than to what’s ahead
Give back nothing more than what washes up on shore
Accept it when your high tide pulls west.

recorded and released on Season to Season (The Traditionist)