Spotted Tail

 One planet around the sun
When everything in the world came undone
To make everything right everything went wrong
I saw the sunset like a quick tongue
To swallow flashes and glimpses of the long run
I ran my hands through my hair like I had none
I pulled the weeds from the ground as the earth shook
I took a trip to the end where you were young again
I love you more now like a man without companion
Like a collection of dreams shot from a hand gun
Passed down like a stream from a mountain
The strike of your sense to never back down
To stay up on a wave and never drag on
And the spark of your look when your breath left
Crept up on me quick like your wit did
And your blood runs now like a spindrift
Like your opinions and politics love to catch wind
Keep it locked up young sir you’re in the whirlwind
We share time and blood love as real as human
We share the late night like brothers and sisters
And our spirits are up
Your heart beats like a kick drum
Screaming and kicking like you’ll be born again
I’ll breathe as deep as a wishing well and never say when
With a copper heart and a silver soul in a lead spell
My bucket’s empty and I’m kept to myself
As the memory reel runs through my head
The projector flashes every moment with word of what you once said
Like an ox or a mule fixed on a means to the bitter end
The sweet sense is knowing nothing can break your heart
Nothing can break your heart
Nothing can break your heart
And nothing will break mine, or hers, or ours apart.


april 2010 – in a hospital waiting room

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