Quack Doctor

Quack doctor crack up
The picture divides
The invisible flag
At half masted high
Check all the clocks
The planet has passed
The bombs-are-a-blasted
The compass has crashed
Sound all the shot guns
From Shanghai to Spain
The quack is in session
The patient’s insane
In constant commotion
The doctor’s aboard
The practice is habit
The moon and the sword
Little reflection
The last resort
Scurvy’s impression
Of the hospital ward
Quack doctor crack up
Knocked out the nurse
Shot up the coast guard
Walked on all fours
Belittled the patients
Fled for the door
Wheelchairs are turning
The grass is uncut
The surgeon’s uncertain
He spilling his guts
No chance of revival
The flat line is still
Dance the last dance
On the shot of free will
They’re mopping the hallways
The polish is plush
A sterile encounter
A virtuous rush
A taxi is waiting
Like a teenage crush
Quack doctor crack up
Get out the stuff
Gather the power
The potion’s enough
Cry like an eagle
Calling the bluff
Soaring endorphins
The tortoise it crawls
Quack doctor crack up
He’s manning the squall
The polaroid ashes
Slashed by the claw
Discovered by bones
Uncovered the trail
The moon is afloat
The ice age is here
The quack doctor’s had it
He’s drinking his beer.


early 2013

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