Spoken Word


The spoken word echoed from the well
And it soaked the shells like broken bells
And the diver dove in the hidden cove
And hoped to find what was never known
But instead of light inside the cave
Were waves of night and spells and stones

For weeks and ages sticks were thrown
And guns and cannons blasted homes
And atoms split like Adam’s spade
And prayers dripped from the preacher’s blade
And bones were buried in golden tombs
Like roots imprisoned and visions fade

Then sunlight fell and fled for shade
Through seeds of faith over Everglades
Like morning glory and gods’ balloons
Rise and fall to the ocean’s blue
And smokestacks burst and sasquatch screamed
The footprints splashed black morning dew

And the smog it crept like hot gun glue
The sea sweat circled the breadth of June
Then men took cover in a digital dream
Bombshell bunkers and laser beams
At last a tunnel of light began
To bend in shape and form between

The mist and fog and streaks of lightning
Veins and rivers and lakes and streams
Filled and flowed and covered the land
In flood and famine and final stand
In life in death in heaven in hell
In proof in truth in breath remains
the ash and salt and sense of man.


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– Joey B.

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