Hancock John

Your signature cuts like years of practice
Deep into the guts of the People
The black ink seeps and sinks into the paper
While voices rise from the streets

Polished over years and prioritized intensely
On the rug of inheritance, you kneeled
You endlessly slaved on your quest to perfect
The delicate alphabet’s seal

The curves of your signature forever pristine
Your penmanship matches your tie
The brilliant bold blood red that drips down your forehead
The scowl that covers your eyes

That autograph is expensive and your satisfaction is cheap
And the ink of dark rainbow blood bleeds
Your cursive is brilliant; it’s ox like and oak like
But reads like your baby teeth tweets

So send for a good pen and paper for dinner
To show off your pencil strong grip
Your soft hands are so manly; you know what they say:
The D in Donald J is just the tip

Say, now is the moment to show off your skills
Your pencraft is right in its prime
So sign with authority and smile for the camera
And lead like the blind lead the blind.


february 2017