Decades in Color


The twenties roared as bright as gold
As Daisy’s Gatsby’s good times rolled

The thirties were a yellow cast
Scarred and smothered by the dust bowl’s wrath

The forties ten were shaded blue
By jazz and bombs and World War II

The fifties flowed a bright blood red
With Elvis, Chuck and Joseph’s Reds

The sixties mixed overgrown with green
As yellows bled to blue
With MLK and love and drugs
The Beatles and the Blues

The seventies spun a purple hue
As blue and red bled through
With disco dance and Deadheads
Vietnam and Nixon’s news

The eighties etched a neon orange
As reds and yellows forged
Hair bands, arcades, and MTV
The hammer sickle’s frigid War

The nineties turned to gray and brown
As all the colors rushed to bleed
From Desert Storm and Kurt Cobain
The Web and Rodney King

Then Y2K and nine-one-one
The media became the sun
The colors all were lost forever
As they melted into one.


April, 2016



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