Search Party

let’s find our own lightning, catch it by the tail

we can ride it all over, we could open up the sail 

let’s find Amelia Earhart, drag the deep blue sea

throw a party when we get there, one where we stay, and we never leave 

take to the country, take to the sky 

send a search and rescue team to blow my mind 

let’s find what’s left of gold, strike another mother lode 

we’ll drift up the road with our axes and our stones 

let’s find our own island, we can make our own flag 

we can speak our own language one that only you and I understand 

take to the mountains, take to the stars 

send a search and rescue team to be the light in the dark 

let’s find old Einstein hiding in his head

we could seek all the answers, and we could secretly raise the dead

let’s circle the Sahara, cover every square

we’ll reveal all the patterns and write S.O.S in the air 

take to the highway, take to the wind

send a search and rescue team to see where it ends

let’s find big shoes to fill, we’ll tie them into double knots 

we can wear them when we’re running away, they’ll remind us of what we’re not