Mixing Gunpowder

when the song is left unfinished

and the conversation dies

like a disconnected dream 

waiting to realize 

and when the dust is left unsettled 

and the road is sinking in

there’s no sense in escaping

no chance that it will end 

this way

when the flames in Paradise burn

and there’s nothing left to show

but the spiral’s in the code

waiting to explode 

we’re trying to untangle 

all the mysteries in a dream 

but the kids are mixing gunpowder 

and we’re staring at the screen

we’re counting down to the new year

now everybody scream

two dimes on each eyelid

three cheers for the sky

like ultraviolet rays

we’re all dying to feel alive

but there’s deception in the water  

and an affection for the unknown 

but we’re prone to be sold 

and we’re afraid to be alone

all in a handful of flowers 

the red, blue and white waves roll

they’re all crashing out on the shallows

because there’s nowhere else to go 

staring up at the ceiling 

praying to be seen

but the kids are mixing gunpowder 

and there’s a silence in their scream 

we’re all reaching out for the same thing

but not catching anything