Deep Sea Blues

anyone can tell you what’s yours and what is mine 

so you concentrate on nothing but what you love or leave behind 

time enough and time again now the time is always right

by the way, it’ll be okay you can stay with me tonight

now the memory is gone, but the child still lives on in the song

there’s a warm wind rising and it’s blowing through your ears

say, hey I’m leaving, won’t you love me through your tears?

because one world will choose, and another one will lose 

they’re bound to explode so they’re blowing on their kazoos

and now you’re gone as fast as coming home, and you’re lost into your deep sea blues        

now the coast is clear but it hasn’t always been that way 

it’s something from your childhood that will never go away 

the markings on the wall, and on the cabinet, on the fridge 

but all they want to know is who you knew not what you did 

just then the sun came riding through on a whim

everything you touch turns to flowers in the spring  

time and time again you took to the promises that you made 

but I loved you then, I love you to the moon and to the train 

and your smile’s in the river, and the laughter’s in the rain

all at once the earth shook and it took me by surprise 

so I rounded up my companions and I looked into their eyes

then I slowly fell into you as I held you in the cue 

and out the corner of my eye I saw all the others come into view 

and now they’re laying out the roses and they’re dying to be with you too 

high up on the mountain and or I’m high up on the hill 

every single one of us is bitten by what we feel 

we can love and live and die and be born onto the wheel 

or we could spin inside forever and never know just what is real

so I’ll dream my way through morning and I’ll lay myself down in a field