Lolli Lava Pop

Lolli Lava Pop, the lava monster, liked to be outside
Her home below the earth’s thick crust would often make her cry
But sometimes when the earth was still and life was moving slow
Lovely Lolli Lava Pop would blow the volcano

First the smoke and steam and ash would rise out from the top
A hiss and whistle building fast the mountain’s sure to pop
Then at last, in a fiery flash, a rumble burst and blast
Lolli Lava Pop would fly and fireworks would splash

All throughout the mushroom cloud the sparks would all explode
But when she hit the ground, Lolli Lava Pop moved slow
With all her lava legs and arms and fingers and her toes
She stretched out over down the mountain anyplace to go

Lolli loved the air so much and trees and oceans too
She covered them in kisses like her hug was stuck in glue
She wanted to see everything and watch the planet grow
But something troubled Lolli as her lava body flowed

All the animals and humans ran away from Lolli scared
They screamed and yelled and cried and all avoided her with care
And Lolli couldn’t figure why the creatures were afraid
She tried to make friends with them but they all would run away

Then suddenly a little girl stopped Lolli in her tracks
She didn’t seem to be afraid, she wouldn’t turn her back
“Hey! Lolli Lava Pop, please leave us all alone
Everything we have is here and now we have to go
My dad and mom and dog and cat all don’t know what to do
They say the devastation here is all because of you!”

For a moment Lolli was upset because she thought it was untrue
‘How could I be blamed for something that I didn’t do?’
But then she thought again of all the land that she had ruined
The villages and cities and the towns that she had doomed
But couldn’t there be something Lolli Lava Pop could say?
Wasn’t there a reason she destroyed things in this way?

So Lolli looked behind her just to see what she had done
And noticed something glistening quite brightly in the sun
In all the blackened ash and rock a flower peeked its head
It looked just like a lollipop, green, yellow and bright red!

Then Lolli said, “I’m sorry!” to the little girl who cried
“Behind all of my destruction there’s a real good reason why”
“See, because of me the earth will change in many different ways
I help to build new islands and shoot mountains up to space
First come the rocks I leave, then the flowers then the trees
Then soon the people, pets and homes and all the birds and bees

Will you accept my deep apology? I mean nobody harm
I do not mean to scare a soul or ever cause alarm
I can only be myself and try to do the best I can
Please take this gift of life to show you truly who I am

And just as Lolli Lava Pop’s hot liquid met its end
The little girl and Lolli had become brand new best friends
With the flower in her hair the girl decided to return
To tell her friends and family of all that she had learned

She left the flower near her ear to remind her everyday
Of her best friend Lolli Lava Pop and what she had to say
That the earth and all the oceans and the islands in the sun
Wouldn’t be there without Lolli and all the things that she had done.


2012 sometime


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